Hormone Therapy – Biote

The Wellness Institute of Texas (“WIT”) is pleased to announce the addition of hormone therapy to our list of wellness services that we provide to our patients. Hormones, which occur naturally in our bodies, are essential for optimal health. As we age, our bodies do not produce the needed levels of hormones that we all require for optimal health.

At WIT, we understand the balance between hormones, thyroid health, adrenal health and the function of other physiological processes which occur in our bodies. If you suffer from fatigue, a lack of energy, depression, anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, etc, you may benefit from hormone therapy.

Hormones act as chemical messengers to invigorate, renew and restore internal bodily functions. If a person’s hormone levels are below normal, even only a slight amount, substantial changes may occur at the cellular level, disrupting the balance needed for optimal health. Hormone therapy may reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease as well as increase your general sense of well-being.

Our hormone therapy program through Biote Medical is a natural way to replace the lost hormones that occur as we age. Hormone therapy is available for both men and women and is clinically proven to be safe, with little or no side effects.

Thousands of patient nationwide have benefited from this therapy! If you are ready to improve your life and health, please contact our office today for an appointment to evaluate whether or not you may benefit from our hormone replacement therapy.

Here are comments from actual patients who have participated in the Biote hormone therapy program

“I feel 15 years younger!  I have more energy and focus.  I get a lot more accomplished daily.  I sleep better, too.  I quit using my medication for anxiety and sleep.” (Marie, age 43)

“My hot flashes were gone 2 days after receiving the hormone pellet treatment.  I’ll never go without it.” (Tori, age 48)

“I enjoy off road biking.  Now, I am able to keep up with (and sometimes pass) the guys, who are 10 years younger than me.  I feel great!” (Adam, age 59)

Thank you. We hope that you will partner with us to revitalize your life!